What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

When someone passes away, the distribution of their assets is determined by the state laws and instructions written in their will.   A Probate Lawyer assists the executor, who oversees carrying out the instructions in the will, with tasks such as identifying and assessing estate assets, locating and contacting beneficiaries, and, lastly, transferring their assets.  What is a...
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What Is Estate Administration? Types of Estate Administration

What is Estate Administration?  When someone dies, their estate must proceed through a legal process called estate administration. This process involves caring for the deceased person’s financial affairs and transferring their assets to their heirs.  Estate administration requires identifying what the deceased person owned and owed, paying off any debts and taxes, and distributing the...
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Should You Get a Will or a Living Trust?

Wills or living trusts are essential documents that matter greatly. It is vital to ensure that the distribution of assets is easy and fair after someone passes away. People want to make things as easy as possible for their family, and documents such as a will or trust significantly affect your family’s experience. Probate and...
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