Why Hire a New York Health Care Lawyer

None of us knows what lies ahead, or what is around the corner; we could be struck down by a sudden critical illness, fall victim to Alzheimer’s Syndrome, or be involved in an accident which leaves us completely incapacitated and unable to make decisions about our medical care. That’s why you need to hire a health care attorney, who will be able to help you write a living will.

I’m sure we’ve all had ‘that’ conversation with friends and family, the one where we discuss the ‘what ifs’;

“What if you were hit by a truck, and were in a coma – would you want to be kept on artificial respiration?”

“If I were rendered incapable or in a vegetative state, it would be unfair to my family to have to keep paying my medical expenses. It would be unfair to expect them to sit by my bedside day in and day out. What if it ran into years?”

“If there is the slightest chance that a cure could be found for my condition, I think I’d want to be kept alive.”

“When I am old and infirm, I do not want to be a burden upon my family – I’d want to go to a retirement home.”

“If I can’t look after myself, I hope that my kids will because I wouldn’t want strangers looking after me.”

Reasons to hire a New York health care attorney to take care of your living will

Those kinds of conversations are good but very often, when it comes down to it, when loved ones find themselves in the position of having to make what is possibly the most difficult decision anyone could make, very often they forget those ‘what if’ chats. Quite understandably, their own emotional reactions may mean that they are so ‘in the moment’ that they cannot give rational consideration to what you may want, or to anything that may have already been discussed. And grown-up children are often burdened with guilt for even thinking about sending their elderly and infirm parents into a care home.

Something else to consider is whether, in the event of you becoming incapacitated, your family members will be able to agree on your treatment. If there is animosity, grief and stress can lead to acrimony over which kind of treatment – if any – you should receive. The recent news of Casey Kasem’s second wife and his daughters from his first marriage feuding over his health care is a case in point. Fortunately he had already made a living will, drawn up by a health care lawyer, but it took a directive from a judge to uphold 82-year-old Kasem’s wishes to have food and fluids withheld in order to aid his dying process.

If you’re in New York, having a living will drawn up by a New York health care attorney means that your loved ones do not have to make those difficult, and usually, heart-breaking decisions because you will have already spared them the job of doing so. By consulting a health care lawyer, and taking charge of your own future health care plans, you can ensure that not only are your wishes taken into account but you can also help to alleviate any self-reproach your family may otherwise feel.

Our Health care lawyers will help you put together a living will – a legal document that lays out exactly what should and should not be done in the event of you being unable to make medical or health care decisions for yourself. If you or someone you know is thinking of making a living will, New York health care lawyer, Richard Cary Spivak will be happy to meet with you, and draw up the relevant documents so you can be safe in the knowledge that your wishes will be taken care of.

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